6 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

I can make a pretty safe bet that if you are no longer a rebellious teenager living with your parents than you probably have no desire to sit around a messy room. Even though I am not always the tidiest person, I still strive to keep my home in a liveable condition. I also love to have scented candles and sprays to keep my house smelling good at all times. The only trouble with those is that they can be costly and contain chemicals that can be harsh for some people’s lungs.

According to Statista the average Canadian works 35-40 hours per week. On top of that a lot of people have some sort of side hustle going on to make ends meet, a family to take care of, or even extra classes in the evening.  Any of these situations could be yours and you may not have the time to keep the house as organized as you want.

Now we may not have the time to keep our house perfectly tidy, but there’s no excuse for having a stinky home. Nobody wants to come home after working all day to a place that smells awful.

Today I am going to share some simple tricks with you guys for keeping your house smelling good, ones so simple you’ll be able to keep up with them even during your busiest days.

Tip #1:

To keep things simple, I will start with the easiest tip that you won’t need to buy any supplies for. All the air fresheners and scented candles won’t do a bit of good if you do not allow a cross breeze in your home. Think about all the sweating and farting that goes on inside your home.

As natural as it is, let’s face it-it stinks. If you don’t air those rooms out the stench will just linger. Just cracking a window open will only help slightly. A cross breeze is the most effective way to air those smells out. So make sure you open up all of your windows and keep the doors to your bedrooms and spare rooms open. This makes it easier for air to flow through. Opening all the windows but then deciding to hang out in your bedroom with the door closed will defeat the whole purpose.

Tip #2:

For this next tip all you will need is a cotton ball and your favourite essential oil. Place a few drops (5 or 6) of oil onto the cotton ball and let it soak up. These are great because they are small enough to stay hidden. I usually place one in the bottom of my trash can to keep it smelling on the pleasant side.

These little beauties can be placed anywhere you’d like because they are very easy to keep out of sight. Put them inside drawers to keep your clothes smelling good, or even on top of the shelves in your closet.

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Tip #3:

Keeping with the essential oil theme, for this next one you will need a standing fan, scented oil of choice and a piece of tissue. All you need to do it put a few drops of oil on the tissue and tape the tissue to the front of your fan. The fan will blow the scent into your room. It’s a safer option than a candle as well.
Tip #4:

Fabric spray is a simple and amazing solution to get those hard to wash items smelling good. Most fabric sprays deodorize your items, doing a little more than just covering up a mess with a nice scent. 
This is the quickest and easiest way to trick people into thinking you’re an amazing housekeeper. Spray your curtains, cushions, rugs ect.

A few minutes of effort really goes a long way with this one.

Tip #5:

Having a bouquet of flowers in your home not only looks pretty, but also helps the room you put them in smell really good. During the summer months there are so many wild flowers growing around, so I like to make my own bouquets. To add a little oomph factor to my bouquets I will put a stem or two of fresh herbs in them. It makes a nice touch and smells fantastic.
My favourite herbs to use are lavender, sage and basil. They all have a strong aroma to them and mix really well with other scents.

Tip #6:

Do you ever notice that the entrance area to your home sometimes gets a bit of a funky smell to it? This could be coming from your shoe rack (or wherever you keep your shoes). Add some peppermint tea to your shopping list and place the teabags in your shoes overnight so they can smell minty fresh.

The peppermint teabag trick isn’t limited to just your shoes though. You can also keep them in your gym bag, sock drawer, or car to keep things smelling good. It is such an easy way to freshen up some of your not so fresh smelling gear.  

Don’t you love it when you’re able to find an easy (and hella affordable) solution to work with. Save these tips for next time you’re cleaning up and keep your living space smelling amazing at all times.

Do you have a favourite blend of essential oils? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Frosted Pineapple’s Guide To Luxury Beauty On A Dime

When it comes to cosmetics the majority of the girls I grew up with (including myself) started with those value pack bundles that come out around Christmas time in all the department stores. You know the ones I mean. For $20 you get all the goods. Every colour of eyeshadow, all those blushes, lipsticks and nail polishes. Some even came with those little sponge brushes. When I grew up they were basically every preteen girl’s beauty starter pack.

Those were fun and a great way to learn the basics of make-up dos and don’ts. That being said, the quality was just not there. You couldn’t wear that stuff for everyday makeup because it would wear off after an hour.

The next step up for most of us were the drug store brands. We were introduced to brands like Wet N Wild, Cover Girl, Revelon, Maybelline ect. These are the brands that will do the trick, but the quality just isn’t anything to get excited about. Over the years many of them have came out with certain products that are just as good as their luxury competitors, like Maybelline Fit Me foundation or Cover Girl TruNaked palettes. They’re good and all, but they are still missing that WOW factor.

Unfortunately with most drugstore brands there are more flops than wins. (There is however one beauty of drugstore brand that you guys need to try so keep reading to find out which one that is!)

Perfumania - America's Leading Perfumery Chain!

I remember the first luxury beauty product I purchased. It was a pale pink Mac lip gloss. I don’t remember the name of the shade, but I remember it smelled so much better than my usual lip products. When I put it on my lips it stayed there and it wasn’t heavy or sticky like most of the glosses I owned. 
First was my Mac lip gloss. My second was a Stila eyeshadow compact with a cream blush. That changed the eyeshadow game for me. Nothing blended like that before. After that it was settled. I won’t be happy unless I have the good stuff.

It is definitely important for our skin care routine to only use good quality cosmetics products, especially as we get older. The only issue is that it can be incredibly hard on the bank account to only shop luxury cosmetics brands. Your finances should be more important than your makeup bag so today I’m going to go over some tips and tricks to help you find the best beauty products and still have enough left over to pay your rent.

*The following post contains some affiliate links. If you like the product and follow the link it could help support this blog at no additional cost to you*

My Personal Favourite:

I’m going to start this post off with one of my favourite makeup brands. Have you heard of Colourpop? They are based in California and were founded by Seed Beauty in 2014. If Seed Beauty rings a bell with you, it’s because that’s the same company that also founded Kylie Cosmetics. 

Similar to Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop has a large variety of long lasting liquid lipsticks with matching lip liner pencils. I love my Colourpop liquid lipsticks because they are highly pigmented but it feels very light on my lips. It also lasts for a very long time, even in between drinks. Both brands also make buttery smooth eyeshadows in beautiful shades. I am honestly torn when I think of choosing between my Kyshadow and my Coloupop palettes.

Well there is one major difference between the two companies. That is the price. Both companies offer free international shipping after spending $50 and your $50 will go a lot further with Colourpop. New customers also get $5 off. That may not sound like much, but their liquid lipsticks are $6.50 so that’s basically like getting your first one for $1.50. Check out some of my Coloupop favourites below!

The Jeffree Star Approved Drugstore Product:

If you’re familiar with Jeffree Star then you must be aware of how picky Jeffree is with cosmetics and only the best will do. That’s why it should have came as a surprise to me when Jeffree did a full face review of Elf cosmetics and gave it an amazing review. It honestly wasn’t a shock at all to me though. Elf is freaking amazing and probably one of the more afforadable drugstore brands out there. I came across them when I needed setting spray and never looked back. Their setting spray and poreless primer are essentials to my makeup bag. (Oh yeah… $8 primer and $4 setting spray! Can’t go wrong there!) This is a brand you can pick up at Walmart or your local drugstore.

Coastal Scents:

Coastal Scents is another independent US based company with a similar approach as Colourpop. For a very affordable price they deliver high quality makeup in fun bold colours. My favourite thing about brands like this is they make it easy for you to experiment. If you’re unsure of a shade but still really want to try it companies like Coastal Scents and Colourpop make it so you can afford a quality product to experiment with. If the shade wasn’t your cup of tea that’s ok, it didn’t set you back very far.

Coastal Scents will make you forget about those over priced palettes that put your bank account into overdraft. Check out some of the gorgeous shades below to get your makeup bag ready for spring. (Just click buy to be redirected to their website.)

Hot Pot - Violetville Hot Pot – Violetville
A muted purple hue with a matte finish. 

Hot Pot - Spring Fling Hot Pot – Spring Fling
A lively teal hue with a satin finish. 

Hot Pot - Champagne Orange Hot Pot – Champagne Orange
A soft, bubbly orange hue with a satin finish. 

Hot Pot - Reef Coral Hot Pot – Reef Coral
Reef Coral is characterized by a warm wash of luscious coral with a satin finish. 

They make it very affordable to build your own eyeshadow palette so you can create one specifically for your own personal sense of style. Let me just show you a few more fantastic finds from Coastalscents.com before I move on to my next budget beauty tip!

                             Jungle Roar
                                Jungle Roar

Brush Affair Collection 12 Brush Set in Minty Green
Bright Eyed Eye Brighteners - Dark
Where You Shop Matters:

If you’re looking to save money on your favourite brands then you need to start thinking about where you do your shopping. I came across this blog by the lovely Cynspo called 5 Secrets to Shopping High End Beauty on a Budget and she mentions taking a look in department stores such as Winners. The girl knows what she is talking about. I went last time I was out of town shopping and OMG! The savings on some of my favourite high end brands were outrageous! I mean $6 Two Faced Lip Gloss, $11 Nyx Lipstick bundles, $20 Verb gift set bundles and so much more. 
Department stores are more likely to have sales running than the beauty boutiques. If shopping online is your thing try looking around at sites such as  Perfumania.com because they often have great sales on some of your favourite brand names. 
Buyer Beware:

Ebay and similar sites are fun spots for finding bargains and unique treasures. That being said, if you are looking for a particular cosmetics brand these are the sites you’ll want to avoid. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great discounted products to buy on these pages. I am only talking about the exclusives here. If it’s a brand that can only be purchased through the company’s website then chances are the one on Ebay is most likely a copycat version. These knock off beauty products always use the cheapest ingredients which could lead to an infection. They aren’t safe and also smell really bad. If you do find the real deal on one of these sites than it is either being sold for more money or it’s used. (Yuck!!!)
Other Beauty Saving Tips:
  • Good quality brushes go a long way. They’re gentler on your palettes and use less product than the cheaper versions. Invest in good brushes to save money in the long run. 
  • Add a drop of aloe vera to your foundation. You will use less product and keep your skin from drying out.
  • Keep an eye out for gift set bundles of your favourite brand name products. They are often sold at a special price and save you money on all the products included. 
  • Check Facebook or ask your friends if anyone knows of a local person who sells homemade bath bombs. This is a great way to find a luxurious bath product for a fraction of the price. It also helps support a local business. 
  • Incorporate at least one (two is better though) makeup free day into your week. This gives your skin a chance to breathe and gives your pores a break too. Another benefit is that it helps build your self-confidence to go makeup free. This will also keep your makeup in your bag for longer saving you money in the long run.
  • Stop wasting money on makeup remover wipes. Olive oil on a cotton ball/pad will do the job. It’s safer for your skin and costs a lot less. 
  • Many cosmetics companies are starting to sell rose water. This stuff is amazing for your skin. Before spending $10-$15 on your favourite brand’s rose water, remember your local grocery store sells it for less than $3. 
I hope these tips help you find some great beauty products that fit your budget. What’s your favourite cosmetics brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Also don’t forget to use this code below to recieve an additional $5 off on Colourpop foundation.

Instagram Backdrops You Already Own

Do you ever open up Instagram and see an account showing off their shopping loot and it looks picture perfect like a page from a magazine? The perfect Instagram pic. The next time you go out shopping you remember that picture, so when you get home you arrange all your goodies on the table and take a few snaps! You take a look at your pics and all you see is a pile on the table. What gives?

I’m an introvert so I don’t have too many pictures of outings on my Instagram page. To break up the usual selfie, cats, garden photo reel that is my page I like to throw in the odd picture of objects; such as coffee/tea breaks, food, books, and things I bought that I think others might like.

As you can tell, that picture above is pretty boring. If you had no interest in the book you would keep strolling, not feeling intrigued at all.

This picture on the other hand probably did a better job at getting your attention. So what did I do that was so different? Did it take a lot of time and attention? Did it cost any extra money? The main difference here is that the book is in a well lit area, accompanied by attractive objects that don’t take away the attention, and it has a comforting backdrop.

A backdrop can make or break your picture. I recently decided to look up how to make a DIY backdrop so I had something to display my shopping hauls on and was astonished by how much was required to spend on craft supplies to make one.

If you have items you are trying to sell then it makes sense to eventually purchase the supplies to make a professional looking background. Myself on the other hand, if I just got back from Sephora or the bookstore than I can guarantee that I went over budget and will not be spending another $30 or more for something cute to lay my loot out on just to get some extra likes.

ZAFUL Mega Women Category Sale

What if I told you that you didn’t have to spend a dime to get a backdrop that will make your pics look praise worthy? It’s true, you just need to get creative and take a look around your belongings.

Once you have decided what the subject of your picture is going to be you need to figure out what kind of theme you would like your backdrop to have. (Maybe something knitted to show off your new winter socks and the book you’re going to read while curled up in them, or a pastel colour with florals to show off your new spring nail polish colours.)

Once you know what type of display you want your backdrop to have take a look around your place to see what you have that suits the colour or pattern you want to show off your subject on.

The following items are some ideas of things you could use:

  • Throw pillows
  • Decorative blankets
  • Placemats 
  • Wrapping paper
  • Patterned/textured shirts, dresses or skirts
  • Sweaters
  • Hardwood floors
  • Textured counters
  • Lace table runners
  • Patio stones
  • Floor mats/rugs
  • Foot stools
  • Bed sheets
My favourite thing to use as a backdrop are throw pillows. I have so many around my house so I feel like theres always something different to work with. The picture above of The Hypnotist was taken on a furry throw pillow.

A backdrop isn’t the only thing that makes your picture stand out. As you can tell the picture above has a backdrop but is still stuck in the Plain Jane category.

Wow, what a difference! A few items placed around your subject makes it look a lot less lonely. I added items from my beauty bag to give this book picture some girly vibes. I also made sure to have better lighting this time around. Play around with filters and effects too, each one is different and you can create some very unique content with them.
In the picture above I used a white foot stool against a gray wall to show off this haul of bath products. I played around with filters until I was able to bring out the colours of the brighter objects and darkened the wall to keep attention on the colours. It created a very eye catching effect. The photo editing app I use is called Photoshop Express, which I found in the Google Play store for free. (I should also mention that I am not affiliated with any product or service that I have mentioned or photographed in this post. I only mention them because I like the products)

When you have your items arranged on their chosen backdrop don’t worry about having the perfect shot. Just shoot a few good clear pictures and then crop the picture so it looks like your backdrop is the background that your items are sitting on.
For this picture of some of my favourite beauty products I used a crochet skirt for the backdrop. I cropped the picture and played around with some filters until I created something worthy for an Insta story. 
As you can see it’s easy and the possibilities are endless. Try it out and leave me the links to your pictures in the comments below.